Need Information about the Ascension LAN ?

What is the Ascension LAN

Ascension will be a LAN event Held every Month and is hosted by Micro Fusion Computers. Ascension is not just a Gaming event but a information sharing LAN and Social Event as well. Its a Computer community convention to bring people together with common interests. Competitions are held to determine the top players in the area whether they are part of a clan or not Ascension is a all day event.

About our Network at Ascension

Currently Ascensions Network is a gigabit LAN Network, making file transfer's real quick. Our Network throughput peaks at 60 mb / sec per station. This is more then enough for gaming and Information sharing, but speed might slightly drop as more people jump on. Regardless, if you have a 1000mb LAN card installed you should have no issues. No Internet Will be Available at Ascension At this Time

About Leeching and Seeding at Ascension

In order to join our Information Sharing Network you need to have Strong DC++ client installed on your system. When connecting our servers you will automatically by categorize depending on how much you share. To access our large Server you'll need to share a minimum of a 100 gig through Strong DC+. Anything lower then 100 gig will put you on our Small server. This is simply a precaution to prevent people that share nothing to take advantage. You'll need to share to receive. This rule will not apply to the Gamers at all. They will be unaffected.

How to Get to The Ascension LAN

We'll Post Details and the LAN Location Here once we have Confirmed it Currently We are still looking for a Location in the Springs Area

If you have any suggestions, use the Contact Us option in the top bar to tell us about it. And we will take a look if the location is suitable.

Some General Rules at The Ascension LAN

Any kind of Smoking must be Done Outside

No Alcohol will be sold at the Ascension LAN

Selling of drugs and alcohol is not allowed.

Under-age drinking is prohibited! We take this Very Seriously

Port scanning, Hacking or Game cheating is strictly prohibited!

No Electric Heaters or Electric Blankets are permitted

Ascension cannot be held Responsible for Loss of Property or Damage

Watching of P0rn in full view of the Public is prohibited!

Please NO 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker Systems Booming @ 127db Get a Good pair of Headsets

Please Behave like Humans and not Animals, there are Bins for trash

Respect the Premises and Bathrooms.

Respect the Admin's and the Other Participants.

What you need to Bring to the Ascension LAN

Computer, Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse

Your PC should be able to handle the games you intend to play, otherwise you might end up deteriorating your experience as well as other people's gaming experience, and Please no monitors bigger than 24"

Power cable

Yes, we are sorry... we don't provide power cables for your PC too, only 2 AC outlets per person


Try and get your hands on some decent headphones, Not Everyone wants to hear your Activities or Music

Games, Patches, Drivers, Operating System

Make sure you have up to date drivers as well as patches for the games you intend to play. Remember to bring your Operating System's CD, In case something goes wrong at the LAN party

Anti-Virus Program

Please make sure that your anti-virus software is up to date, Our Network Will not Protect you From Viruses

File Sharing with StrongDC++

If you want to Connect to our Peer to Peer Network to leech.This Application is Required. Also remember to hash ALL YOUR SHARES before coming to the LAN, this way your PC won't be slowed down during gaming, because it's still busy hashing everything....

Sleeping Gear Applicable Only if it's a All-night Event

Those of you brave enough to stay overnight, make sure to bring something to make the floor or table "fun" to sleep on and Warm Clothes....... Pillows and blankets if you want... NO HEATERS WILL BE ALLOWED

We Will Provide

Network Cabling, 2 Power Outlets per person, Tables, Chairs

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