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    Introducing Solstus Solar Monitor

    Compact Img for Raspberry Pi

    Monitor and track your Solar installation 24/7

    MFC Internet Timer Pro

    for small to medium sized Home or Business Solar installations

    Additional Information

    Supported Platforms

    Recommended Raspberry Pi model 4 2 Gig or better

    Compatible with Raspberry Pi model 3 B+

    Easy to setup, just flash the image file to an SD card, connect Raspberry to Voltronics inverter then boot up Raspberry

    Full support for Pylontech and Narada BMS Batteries

  • Intelligent Mode Switching based on customizable SOC limits
  • Multiple devices can access information inside your network or remotely
  • Solar, Utility and Battery usage stats for up to a year
  • Compatible with Voltronics Type Inverters
  • Easy install and set up
  • Pylontech Support
  • Narada Support
  • All features available remotely or locally
  • Does not require a screen to be present
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Easy to setup Remote Access. Access your setup form anywhere in the world, securely
  • Main Dashboard

    Tracking power consumption

    Version 1.5 (01 Aug 2020)

  • Initial Raspberry Pi 3B+ / 4 Buster Release
  • Pylontech Support
  • Narada Support
  • Voltronic Type Inverter Support
  • Remote Access Capable
  • Available Downloads

    Solstus Solar Monitoring System For Raspberry Pi

    For 1 User License
    • Recommended for Raspberry Pi Model 4 2Gig and Better
    • Compatible with Raspberry Pi Model 3 B+
    • Online Product Activation is required
    • Support for Pylontech and Narada BMS Communication
    • FileSize: 1.41 GB

    Coming Soon

    ETA ~ August 2020