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    Solstus Solar Monitoring Software

    An All-in-one Solar Webapp based application designed for the Raspberry Pi

    Monitor and track your Solar installation 24/7 locally or remotely using any browser enabled device

    Designed for Voltronic type inverters such as the Axpert King, MKSII, Mecer and Kodak

    Micro Fusion Computers Solstus Monitor Dashboard

    From small to medium sized home or business Solar installations

    A must have for any Solar enthusiast, novice or professional.

    Additional Information On Solstus

    MFC Solstus Logo

    What is Solstus all about

    Solstus is Solar monitoring software that was developed to be easy to use and understand, stable and reliable. Compatible with Voltronic type inverters such as Axpert King, MKSII, Mecer(Branded) and Kodak(Branded) with support for Pylontech, Narada and other batteries.

    The Solstus software runs on a Raspberry Pi as a service and collects data from your inverter and batteries.
    To view the Solstus Solar dashboard you can either connect an HDMI screen directly to the Raspberry Pi itself or, use any device that has a browser to load the HTML dashboard up over local LAN or even the Internet. This gives you incredible flexibility no matter what device you use or where you are in the world. Solstus uses a web based GUI to communicate with the Solstus service application allowing you to view, and change inverter settings from within the Solstus Web App. From Smart Phones to Tables, even Smart TV's and Computers, all devices are supported. Android and iOS too.

    Our installation is as simple as creating an account, purchase a license, downloading the image file and flashing it to an SD card. Connect the Raspberry Pi to Voltronic inverter then boot up. Navigate to the Raspberry Pi IP Address and from there just complete the activation process.

    Multiple devices can be used to view your solar dashboard and your solar status at the same time over Local network or remotely via secure provided VPN which is... Completely free of charge.

    Note: Pylontech and Narada require additional cable hardware for communication with Solstus

    MFC Solstus Monitor C++

    Solstus, It just works

    With an active development cycle and useful feedback from our clients we deliver monthly improvements and features. Solstus is compatible with the Raspberry Pi model 3 B+ but we recommend the new Raspberry Pi 4 2gig models or better for a super smooth experience. Updates are made available for free to all clients.

    Developed in C++ for speed, Based on Linux as the foundation, we built Solstus upon a rock solid, tightly integrated and optimised platform. Using the latest technologies, we are always expanding and adding new features which you get completely for free.

    MFC Solstus Pylontech Support Icon

    Pylontech Lithium Ion BMS Fully Supported

    Full support for Pylontech Lithium Ion and Narada BMS Battery integration. Solstus has a section where you can view detailed information about your batteries, Per unit in the stack. Its volts, amps, temperature and even the health and cycles.

    Typically, these types of smart batteries are a much better investment, long outlasting conventional Gel or Lead Acid type batteries. While delivering efficient performance over years. Solstus was specifically created to work seamlessly with Pylontech. But we also offer support for Narada.

    MFC Solstus Monitor Notification Icon

    Get Notified

    Solstus can push email notifications to you when events occur so you are always in the loop, even when you are away. We offer a detailed log of events that happened throughout 7 days that you can view at any time, locally or remotely.

    Not only does Solstus monitor and send notifications about your power status but also notifications about the Raspberry Pi and its status. Should it run hot or if the SD card free space is running low you'll get notified.

    MFC Solstus Monitor Charts Icon

    Keep track of your power usage

    Solstus comes with a very friendly interface to track your power consumption for up to a year. We've taken out the hassle of complicated formulas and worked it all out for you. Exporting to .CSV is also available so you can do your own plotting.

    You can choose the time period from the last hour, up to a year to view power data in detail.

    MFC Solstus Monitor Sun Icon

    Run your power your own way

    Solstus have intelligent modules build in to manage operation mode based on the time of day or SOC percentage.
    You can of course use both of these modules together to manage your power, your way. With Solstus you can switch the Power mode at any time using our secure setting section. Choose form Utility, Solar then Battery mode to Solar Utility then Battery or go off-grid with Solar, battery then utility mode.

    MFC Solstus Monitor Raspberry Pi Icon


    Solstus will not only give you feedback on your Voltronic inverter and batteries but will also give you critical event feedback on your Raspberry Pi Before things go south you will know about key interest points. Making sure you are always informed on the state of the solar system.

    Solstus is supported on Android and iOS, Linux and Windows. It doesn't matter what device you use. If it has a browser you can use it to track your Solar system's stasis tics and data We have even seen some clients use their Smart TV's to view out dashboard right from the comfort of their couch.

    MFC Solstus MQTT Icon

    Automation with MQTT

    Solstus now includes support for sending values via the MQTT protocol to a MQTT Broker such as mosquito which is included by default.

    Mostly used for home assistant integration but for those that want to use it for more advanced control with other supported hardware Solstus can be configured to send predefined topic to a broker, these values can the be used to trigger or toggle other devices on your network.

    Solstus Screenshots

    Solstus Main Dashboard

    Elegant, simple, rifined and responsive dashboard. Showing you an overview of your Solar system.

    Solstus Dashboard Solstus Real time Plotting

    Tracking power consumption & Usage Data

    We did the math so you don have to. Easily track your solar systems power usage from anywhere in the world

    Solstus Usage Pie Screenshot Solstus Usage Chart Screenshot Solstus Usage Exporting Chart Screenshot

    Pylontech BMS Integration Section

    Up to 8 Lithium Ion Pylontech batteries in a Stack are supported and can be monitored by Solstus individually

    **Full Narada Support coming soon

    Solatus Pylontech Support Screenshot Solatus SOC Chart Screenshot Solatus Volts Chart Screenshot Solatus Battery Temerature chart Screenshot

    Change Inverter Operational Mode

    Change your Solar systems power mode from anywhere in the world, securely

    Solstus Voltronic Mode Switching

    Settings Section

    Simple Design easy to understand yet powerful

    Solstus Settings Section Screenshot

    Time Table Switching for Power Modes

    The Time Table module can be used with the SOC Smart Switching Module to manage your power just the way you want.

    Solstus Smart SOC Switching Screenshot

    Solstus event Triggers, Log and Notification

    Logging what happens and sending Email push notification on events in real time keeping up to 7 days history

    Solstus Triggers and Log Screenshot

    Solstus Parallel Dashboard

    Get additional information from all inverters talking to each other in one place

    Solstus Parallel Section Screenshot

  • Dual Inverter support for up to 2 units in parallel can be added
  • Intelligent Mode Switching based on customizable SOC limits or Time Table
  • Multiple devices can access information inside your network or remotely
  • Solar, Utility and Battery usage stats for up to a year
  • Compatible with Voltronic Type Inverters such as Axpert KS, MKSII and KING. Mecer and Kodak
  • Easy install, use and set up
  • Pylontech Lithium Ion Battery Support with a detailed information section
  • Narada Lithium Ion Battery Support with a detailed information section
  • All features available remotely or locally
  • Does not require a screen to be present, but can use one if desired.
  • Free lifetime updates and improvements
  • Easy to setup Remote Access. Access your setup form anywhere in the world, securely
  • Track power consumption for up to a year
  • Get notification via Email (GMail supported) when events happen
  • Real-time Inverter values and power usage are displayed.
  • Free Secure VPN provided. Keep your Solar access private.
  • Responsive Webapp GUI. Making sure our software supports any device display with a browser.
  • VNC and AnyDesk already installed - ready to go
  • MQTT Protocol included with broker for home assistant automation
  • Version 1.11 (16 August 2021)

  • Added SOC Limiter checks. Making sure Lower limit can't be higher then the set Upper limit.
  • Alter Reworked Force Update function, Users will now get status updates when feature is used
  • Alter Battery gauge limit indicators will now match SOC Upper and Lower limit values used
  • Alter Event Notification colour schema, Added better Descriptions to Internal Solstus Modules.
  • Fixes Power Flow on mobile devices. The layout on some phones will now display correctly.
  • Fixed Mobile menu position and size on small devices such as cell phones.
  • Fixed Print usage data document output formatting.
  • Fixed Firefox Print usage data issues
  • Fixed Firefox Scroll bar styling issue.
  • Fixed Chrome / Firefox Input field alignments
  • Fixed Weekly Data reporting being to low
  • Alter Change from Chromium to FireFox on image 1.11+ - Work around for memory leak

  • Version 1.10 (05 July 2021)

  • Fixed Potential memory leak in network request stack
  • Fixed Battery low Warning indicator icon

  • Version 0.18 (25 June 2021)

  • Alter Zerotier logic. Completely reworked, will now show information and connected status
  • Alter Battery Time Left. Moved from decimal time to more human friendly time format
  • Alter Battery Icon indicators. Animated.
  • Alter Battery SOC and Volts charts. Now displayed per minute not hour
  • Alter Dash kWh totals will now be displayed in 3 decimal places instead of 2
  • Alter Sun Hours changed to per minute. More accurate
  • Added Official Logo and Branding
  • Added Better Favicon Based on branding
  • Fixed Pylontech Battery Information layout issue on some browsers

  • Version 0.17 (11 June 2021)

  • Added Dashboard MPPT1 and MPPT2 Volts and Amps values for Dual Inverter setups.
  • Added Support for 2 Inverters. In Parallel.
  • Added Real Time Stamp to dashboard to indicate last successful data pull.
  • Added Parallel Setup to pull battery values directly from Pylon or Narada, Victron BMV if available.
  • Added Power Flow section for a visual representation of how power is allocated.
  • Added Full screen toggle option on dashboard in front end.
  • Added Battery section is polled in real-time now 5 Seconds TTL
  • Added Support for Pylontech U3000 series. Up to 16 in stack supported. Auto detected
  • Added Support for "The Sun Pays" inverters.
  • Added Victron BMV support for 700 series. Require the proper Victron comms cable. Auto detected
  • Added Smart Battery Ah units for each unit and overall total of entire stack.
  • Added Usage Stats Print option
  • Added Battery Time Left based on Ah and Load to dashboard
  • Redid Entire Front-end logic. Recoded and removed a lot of unnecessary code.
  • Redid Entire per hour/day Usage KWh calculations and how its handled for dashboard.
  • Alter Voltronics data parse logic. Much more stable and faster.
  • Alter Battery Equalization will be unavailable when Pylontech or Narada is selected. Safety.
  • Alter Charts - Updated - Optimise performance.
  • Alter Dashboard battery display for amps values.
  • Alter Per Hour Usage data containers on dashboard.
  • Alter Chart plotting on dashboard will now have time history of power usage. Set in general settings tab
  • Alter Name change Triggers to Events Log on dashboard
  • Alter Login will now take you to the "settings" section afterwards instead of the dashboard.
  • Alter Updated icon set.
  • Alter Removed Absent render for Pylontech batteries in stack. Only show present ones. Narada the same.
  • Alter PV Freeze prevention. Optional. Not using GPIO pins or Relay. Software solution implemented.
  • Alter Inverter setting will now be unavailable when not loaded correctly.
  • Fixed Small issues and performance with back-end and front end.
  • Fixed Bug that can cause occasional app crash when asking for inverter values - Related to MKS and VM models.
  • Fixed Dashboard chart bug that cancels set filters on next data insert.
  • Fixed Issue with trial version not allowing screen to move past setup screen
  • Remov Interval Mode. Useless and heavy on system load.

  • Version 0.16 (10 Feb 2021)

  • Added MQTT protocol support for Home Assistant. Multiple Topics. See included documentation.
  • Added Mosquito MQTT Broker service to Raspberry subsystem.
  • Added Additional MQTT documentation specific to Solstus Topics.
  • Added Program Trial Version. Available without license but with limited functionality.
  • Added Application Uptime on demand under general info tab
  • Added Additional Notification entries in Log when smart switching occurs.
  • Added Experimental Support for InfiniSolar Inverters.
  • Fixed Memory Overflow in GetData.php caused when a lot of database PVData is counted.
  • Fixed Zerotier Network Joining issue from WebUI.
  • Fixed Email Password corrupting config file when special characters are used.
  • Fixed Usage Data not displaying on Raspberry Pi 3 for 6 Months and more.
  • Alter Re-design WebUI Settings section, Better layout for scalability in future.

  • Version 0.15 (10 Nov 2020)

  • Added HTML No page cache headers for front-end. Make sure new version reflect changes immediately.
  • Added FAQ section to front end. To help with common issues
  • Added Indicator on dashboard to notify when notification are recorded for viewing.
  • Added Battery Critical Notification and Log triggers. (SOC less then 10 % capacity)
  • Added Battery Temperature waring Notification and Trigger (Over 40C)
  • Added Solar System OK notification and trigger.
  • Added Raspberry Pi CPU high temp notification and trigger. (Notify Above 75C)
  • Added Raspberry Pi Low SD Card Space notification and trigger. (Notify Below 10% Free)
  • Fixed Email notification. Completely Recoded. GMail Require 2FA and App password or Enable 'less secure app access'
  • Fixed Real-time mode will now read notification triggers again - Uses indicator on dashboard to notify user when there are codes
  • Fixed Time Table default Operation Mode clashing with SOC switch default mode. (Patch Applied)
  • Alter events processing completely recoded / redesigned. No more events spamming
  • Alter NoFlag Triggers will no longer be recorded in database every minute. Reduce disk writes, decrease memory usage and increase performance.
  • Alter Gauge animation speed. Reduced the delay from 1000 to 500 ms (BugFix: Front-end gauges not working occasionally)
  • Alter Moved triggers to it's on section (Tab), instead of displaying on dashboard.
  • Alter Triggers are now color coded for better visibility.

  • Version 0.14 (15 Oct 2020)

  • Added Send Pylon BMS Wakeup again if after 10 minutes no data is received
  • Added Narada BMS wakeup/Anti-theft toggle from 0 to 15 in stack. Before queries start
  • Added GPIO Buzzer for low soc percentage - require buzzer hardware
  • Added GPIO Auxiliary Fan using GPIO pin for additional cooling based on Inverter Temps
  • Added Default LAN IP address assigned for Initial Config via LAN port LAN Set to > on all Images
  • Added Additional OOBE elaboration/descriptions for user experience.
  • Fixed Power Usage data Calculations not reporting correct kWh values
  • Alter Front-end usage chart description of units. Changed KWH to KW.
  • Remove XRDP from image > Causes issues with double sessions being started. Use VNC instead

  • Version 0.9 - 0.13 (10 Sep 2020)

  • Added Startup modes option for front end. Real Time or Interval
  • Added Clear Triggers option - Truncate Database Table
  • Added Ability to change voltages on inverter using front-end values
  • Added PV freeze option for 3.3v hardware relays switching
  • Added CSV File Exporting of PV Data
  • Added XRDP to image. Allowing native Windows RDP to be used
  • Added VNC enabled by default in image (use a free real VNC account to gain remote access)
  • Added SSH enabled by default
  • Added Front-end Battery volts chart under Battery Info tab
  • Added Front-end Force Update Option
  • Added Another More pylonTech cable ID's to back-end
  • Added Dashboard Inverter count indicator - for parallel setups coming later
  • Added Battery Equalization Parameters
  • Added Change Output Source Priority based on Time Table and OPT In Settings
  • Added Internal CSS and Font-end > All Assets are Hosted locally now
  • Added Description to inverter values when blank or not loaded
  • Added Warning and additional information to Inverter values tab
  • Fixed Pylontech and Narada incorrect battery count in front-end
  • Fixed Output Frequency setting not loading value correctly in front-end
  • Fixed Activation issue when re-activating image in some cases
  • Fixed Gauges not displaying values when in real time mode at startup
  • Fixed Some commands that didn't work as expected
  • Fixed Socket buffers > Recoded > Data Size doesn't matter any more
  • Fixed Front-end csv exporting only defaulting to one option
  • Fixed Settings tabs in front end effects and colour schema
  • Fixed Anydesk using same identifier for multiple Pi's > .Img changes
  • Changed Voltronic response processing - RM CRC
  • Changed Zerotier join networking logic to issue new Cipher

  • Version 0.9 (25 Aug 2020)

  • Initial Raspberry Pi 3B+ / 4 Buster Release
  • Pylontech Support
  • Narada Support
  • Voltronic Type Inverter Support Eg. Axpert MKSII / KING
  • Remote Access Capable
  • Tested & Supported Inverters and Devices

    • Axpert Solar Off-Grid King Inverter
    • Axpert Solar Off-Grid MKSII Inverter
    • Axpert Solar Off-Grid VMIII Inverter
    • KODAK Solar Off-Grid Inverter King with UPS 5kW 48V
    • KODAK Solar Off-Grid Inverter King with UPS 3kW 24V
    • KODAK Solar Off-Grid Inverter MKSII 5kW 48V
    • KODAK Solar Off-Grid Inverter VMIII 5kW 48V
    • KODAK Solar Off-Grid Inverter VMIII 3kW 24V
    • Mecer Voltronic Axpert Types
    • The Sun Pays VMIII
    • Victron Battery Monitor BMV 700 Series
    • Pylontech BMS U2000 and U3000 series

    Untested & partially supported Inverters

    • Axpert Solar Off-Grid Max 7.2kW (Awaiting feedback and needs testing)
    • InfiniSolar (Currently in beta testing - awaiting feedback)
    • KODAK Solar Off-Grid Inverter MAX 7.2kW 48V (Need testing)
    • Narada BMS

    Untested & unsupported Inverters

    • Victron Phonix Inverters
    • Victron Phonix MTTP's

    Available Solstus Downloads

    MFC Solstus Monitor Icon

    Get Solstus Solar Monitoring System For Raspberry Pi


    For 1 User/Device License

    Trial Version available - Test before you buy

    • Recommended for Raspberry Pi Model 4 2Gig and Better
    • Compatible with Raspberry Pi Model 3 B+
    • Full product activation require license and Internet on activation
    • No monthly or yearly subscriptions, ever.
    • Download File Size: 1.63 GB
    Purchase License Download 1.11 .Img File for Raspberry Pi Download 1.11 .Img File for Raspberry Pi (Mega Mirror)